CEIT Impianti is a leading company in development and implementation of systems and network infrastructures for Telecommunications, Transport and Energy.

In over thirty years of activity CEIT has gained an important know-how up to date with technological evolutions allowing an offer of highly advanced services.

Nationwide presence, local availability and strong engineering capabilities make CEIT able to provide a full range of products and services, from planning and design to implementation, management and maintenance of networks and systems, ensuring its customers high technological contents and prompt assistance.

Focusing on continuous updating of skills, organizational models and logistic infrastructure, CEIT is daily committed to consolidate its role as a key partner for operators and large users of networks, systems and services of telecommunications, energy and transport.

Enhancing human resources and organization and aimed at achieving excellence as an individual and corporate milestone, CEIT primary objective is to reduce complexity and work fast and flexibly to ensure customer satisfaction, rapid responsiveness to needs changes and always respecting health, safety and environment requirements