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For over twenty years CEIT is a top partner for main energy companies, becoming a leading contractor in the national panorama of energy infrastructures, able to offer a wide range of services for electricity distribution networks and renewable energy infrastructures.


section background

Power Grid

Professional skills and enhanced facilities support Energy companies in implementation of complete energy transmission systems:

  • Overhead and underground power lines in high, medium and low voltage
  • Primary and secondary substations
  • Civil and industrial power plants

CEIT operates in compliance of demanding requirements and best practices of energy sector.

CEIT is qualified ESCO – UNI CEI 11352 Energy Services Company.

Renewable Energy

Environmental programs and climate protection will lead to a significant growth in renewable sources in the coming years. CEIT developed once again a strategic overview for solar and wind energy, seizing changing opportunities and always providing its customers with advanced tools and services for clean energy production.

CEIT manages the whole process of infrastructure development, including design, civil works (plinths, roads, pitches), electrical works (medium and low voltage cable ducts, energy stations, cables and material supply), up to plant management, control and maintenance.

The important expertise gained enables CEIT to manage complex turnkey projects also abroad as competitive and reliable EPC.