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We are at the beginning of a great revolution, driven by automation and interconnection applied to business services and processes, through connected devices and sensors, intelligent networks and systems, and with an ever increasing pervasiveness of technologies supporting innovation:

ultrabroadband networks and 5G are building the main infrastructure of this digital transformation, providing a boost to development of an unprecedented technological innovation.

In this new scenario, CEIT’s target is supporting its customers with advanced solutions, based on system integration enabling Internet of a Things.

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Smart Roads

Beside civil works, power systems and fiber connectivity, CEIT supports customers in design and implementation of new technological solutions: 2.4 / 5 GHz Wi-Fi In Motion network, charging station management platforms for electric vehicles, monitoring systems for traffic, freight, environment and infrastructure even through drones.

Smart Buildings

In industrial districts, urban areas, technological plants, airports and in railways stations, CEIT operates with high skilled technicians in deployment and maintenance of integrated and multiservice networks, designed to ensure safety, security, energy efficiency and sustainability to buildings through advanced monitoring solutions:

  • Connectivity (LAN, Wi-Fi, Distributed antenna system
  • Energy management systems (ESCO Companies)
  • Video-surveillance systems
  • Access control systems and inner flows monitoring
  • Variable message signs
  • Information pillars
  • Plants renewal, maintenance and management
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Smart City

Design and implementation skills, flexibility and widespread presence countrywide allow CEIT being a reference partner of the municipal utilities for deployment and maintenance of integrated an multiservice city networks in Smart City projects:

  • Deployment of Metropolitan area network (MAN), wide area networks (WAN) and Wi-Fi/Hyperlan for urban connectivity
  • Video-surveillance systems, access control and plates reading systems
  • Traffic light management system
  • Traffic flows monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring