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CEIT S.p.a is a leading company in development and implementation of networks and systems for telecommunications, transportation and energy

CEIT was founded in 1989 and – in its over thirty years of history – has continuously kept up with technological evolution expanding its markets, acquiring know-how and building strategic alliances to play a primary role in telecommunications, transportation and energy industries.

Ceit is today one of the main companies to which national carriers and global vendors entrust their strategic assets.


CEIT is part of Igefi Group, a holding company operating in telecommunications, construction, real estate, environmental, geotechnical and oil & gas sectors.

Being part of a diversified and competitive organization enhances CEIT technical and managerial know-how, thanks to strategic sharing of experiences on markets, technologies and processes.

The highest level of expertise and the financial strength of Igefi Group are an important guarantee for customers and suppliers.


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We are continuously committed in improving our organization and enhancing people who make it up. We believe this is the only way to ensure stakeholders responsiveness, flexibility, efficiency and complexity reduction.

Our priority always is customers satisfaction, keeping a healthy and safe environment for our employees.

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CEIT operates within legal and ethical principles inspired by transparency, fairness and loyalty, all considered essential requirement for Company success.

Today, more than ever, CEIT aims to confirm its ethical vision, to apply its values and responsibilities togheter with its customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders.